We are back again

This will be the 12’th Kaigousuru Taikai we organise. The first Taikai we organised was exactly 23 years ago in 1997. Then we organised 10 more Taikai until the last one in 2007. We had 1-20 instructors teaching 80-150 people from 10-20 countries on our Taikai seminars. A few times we had pretty wild parties with rock bands playing in our Dojo. We are older and more mature now so there won’t be any wild parties this time (I think?).

Why again, we said the 2007 was the BEST and the LAST Training Party. Well my Dojo, the Kaigozan Dojo turns 30 years in October, we have very good economy in the Dojo and I asked our people if they want to do a big seminar and party celebrating our 30 year anniversary without worrying about money. So we’re gonna do something big worthy our brand name Kaigousuru.

Update late August: I realise that this is not going to be a big seminar because of the you know what. But we are still gonna do it!

– Mats Hjelm, Chief Instructor at Kaigozan Dojo and boss here.


  • Daniel Bodin, 15’th Dan DaiShihan
  • Mats Hjelm, 15’th Dan DaiShihan
  • Rikard Sundelius, 15’th Dan DaiShihan
  • Saša Kesic, 15’th Dan DaiShihan


We will make it really simple by not handling registration or applications. You just show up and pay the seminar fee at the door. CASH ONLY PLEASE!

Seminar Fee

500 SEK (Pay CASH ONLY please when you arrive at the training).

All people in the Bujinkan ranked 15’th Dan attend for free.


You can sleep in the Dojo for free (ask us at the registration).


We booked Lilla Alby Skola Sports Hall for Saturday and Sunday a few hundred meters from Kaigozan Dojo.

The theme of the seminar is long weapons (Rokushakubō, Yari, Naginata, Bisentō and sword). No metal weapons allowed in the training. If you don’t have Naginata, Bisentō or Yari you can use the Rokushakubō.


  • Friday (because of the situation we cancel plans for Friday).
  • Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 (we open for registration 09:30).
  • Saturday 17:30 – 24:00 Dinner + party in our Dojo.
  • Sunday 11:00 – 15:00 (No lunch break, bring snack if you need it).

Travel advise

The training is in Sundbyberg which is only 7-13 minutes by train or metro from Stockholm C in Sweden. We suggest you book the flight or train tickets early to get a good price.

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