Sign up form is closed, but you are still welcome to attend.

The sign up form is closed now, we need time to sort and prepare. But… You can still come to the Tai Kai and sign up & pay (no extra charge!) at the door, there is no too late date. Yes we have places, just come!

147 people from 15 countries.
We have support from 19 of the 24 Swedish Bujinkanförbundet dojo’s.

I’m on my way to Arlanda to pick up Duncan and Steve soon, tomorrow I’ll pick up Sveneric and Rob on Friday. So everyone is coming. I will be pretty busy from now on and i won’t have time to update this blog any more. Follow us on twitter @taikai2011, use the hashtag #tks2011 or mention @taikai2011 if you tweet about the Tai Kai.

See you all soon, and Happy traveling!


News update, June 29’th

Hatsumi Soke with Shindenfudo-ryu Sword in STHLM 1998
Hatsumi Soke with the Shindenfudo-ryu Sword in STHLM 1998

We updated the web site with a new video of Steve Olsen who will be one of the four Shihan teaching at the Sweden Tai Kai in September.

We have the venue booked now. We wanted the bigger venue, but it was fully booked. But we booked another gym hall we used many times before (same place where most of the Kaigousuru Taikai in the past was). The address is…
Lilla Alby Skola, Humblegatan 19-21, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden.

Apparently Hatsumi Soke started teaching Shindenfudo-ryu Iai, as a second theme for this year in May. In 1998 Hatsumi Soke taught Shindenfudo-ryu taijutsu and sword, you might want to check out the videos from 1998 to see how Soke used this big sword. However, he might teach with a different sword now (I don’t know). However there is still three more months for the guys in Japan to figure it out. I’m sure the Taikai will be interesting for everyone attending, I hope you can make it.

The sign-up form will be available later in July.

On the Facebook event page we can see that there is 51 attending, 118 maybes, and 776 people who hasn’t made up their minds yet. This is interesting for us to see, but from experience we can’t trust this system. People have confirmed before and never showed up, it is to easy to just say yes without meaning it. The only way to confirm your place is through our sign-up form that will be up later in July.

We also updated the Information page, please read it before sending us questions!

Edit: I also added a new video with Duncan Stewart.

Pictures of Sundbyberg and Stockholm

Happy training!