Registration 2014

Registration procedure

To register for the seminar follow the steps outlined below:

1. Registration
Send an email to the organizers at containing the following information:

-Full Name
-Mobile phone number

It is important that contact information is accurate so we can contact you in case of any issues. Providing information on which dojo you belong to will help determine the fee (depending on if your dojo belongs to the Swedish Bujinkan Federation or not). Information about rank will help us in splitting the attendants in suitable groups when two classes run simultaneously.

It is adviced to write “Sweden Taikai 2014 registration” as the subject of the message, and copy the list above in to the email together with your information to make admin run smoothly.

2. Confirmation
You will receive confirmation via email to your registration. This email will contain payment information such as account number and OCR.

3. Payment
Pay the fee in full no later than the 12th of September 2014. Payments after this date will be subject to an additional fee of SEK300.

The registration is not completed until confirmation has been received and the fee has been payed in full. Please note that the seminar fee is not refundable.

Please help this seminar run smoothly by signing up and paying on time!



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