Information 2014

Venue information

Sweden Taikai 2014 will be held at Åkersviksskolan, Hovrättsgatan 2, 852 37 Sundsvall. The venue is located close to Sundsvall city center. More detailed information regarding public transportation, parking, hotells etc will be posted here shortly.

Dates are set to 4-5/10-2014.

The seminar will start 13:00 on Saturday and finish 15:00 on Sunday to allow easier travel too and from Sundsvall. Detailed schedule will be posted closer to the seminar.

Seminar fee is 750 SEK for students belonging to dojos that are members of the Swedish Bujinkan Federation, and 1000 SEK for all other participants. Application procedures and payment details are posted in the registration tab. Please note that late payments are subject to an axtra charge of SEK300.

Participants can sleep at the local dojo free of charge. Please notify the organizers when you register if this is the case as we need to compile a list of names spending the night in the facility for the fire brigade due to fire safety regulations. The dojo is located 20 min walk from the training facility. Directions in Swedish can be found at: http://www.taijutsu.nu/dojo

Please contact the organizers for directions in english.

Travel information

Traveling to Sundsvall can be done by plane, train, bus or car.

For trains: http://www.sj.se
For airtravel: http://www.sas.se (Arlanda-Sundsvall Midlanda) or http://www.sundsvallsflyg.se (Bromma-Sundsvall Midlanda)
For bus: http://www.swebus.se or http://www.ybuss.se

For public transportation in Sundsvall: http://www.dintur.se

It is recommended to book travel and accomodation well in advance since prices tend to rise closer to tarvel dates. Please consult the FAQ-tab for more information regarding travel and accomodation.

All questions regarding the seminar can be adressed to the orgainzers at swedentaikai@gmail.com


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