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2012 Tai Kai Feedback


What did you think about the 2012 TAI KAI seminar, please let us know by giving us your comments below!

One thought on “2012 Tai Kai Feedback”

  1. The taikai met my expectations. The manner in which the instructors taught, explained, demonstrated techniques, sometimes entertained the audience was up to their usual standard, if not better. The organisation of the event was carried out well by the team. Anna communicated the requirements of each day clearly. Having drinks and food at the venue was a good idea as well. Maybe notifying the participants of the distances from each hotel would have been an idea so travelling or walking times could have been taken into account. Hopefully we will be receiving more than one DVD of the weekend as was the case last year. Maybe one DVD for each day or each instructor. To improve our taijutsu we need to practice so watching the DVDs again will assist us to do this. Overall, it was well worth coming all the way from Australia to attend the 2012 taikai. Thanks again everyone. Cheers

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