Tai Kai DVD from 2011 is ready to be shipped

Sveneric Bogsäter from Holland together with Rob Renner, Duncan Stewart and Steve Olsen from Japan was invited to teach at this Swedish Tai Kai organized by Mats Hjelm and Svenska Bujinkanförbundet. There was two DVD’s and two download videos released from this seminar. This Video is one part of this set.

At the Taikai all instructors had three classes each, one class with the whole big group, one class with all Shidoshi (5’th dan and above), and one class with Mudansha & Yudansha (beginners up to fifth dan).

The instructions is all in ENGLISH. The DVD is Region Free and NTSC (US/Japan format, works on modern DVD players)

Available for 239.00 SEK at BUDOSHOP.SE

On this DVD – Sveneric Bogsäter & Rob Renner

This two hour DVD is packed with good demonstrations and instructions from Sveneric Bogsäter and Rob Renner. Sveneric had recently been in Japan, and Rob Renner has lived in Japan for many years, so what they taught was very much the feeling from Japan trainings with Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan.

Sveneric taught Kihon-happo variations against one or two opponents to the whole group. At the Shidoshi-class he taught Taijutsu and Hanbojutsu. At the Mudansha & Yudansha class he taught Taijutsu

Rob taught how to understand the distance and footwork with unarmed and with a Hanbo to the whole group. At the Shidoshi class he taught how to do the Kihon-happo techniques against someone who is resisting, directions, balance breaking and distance. Against one and several opponents. Rob’s Mudansha and Yudansha class is available on download file only (click here!).

Duncan Stewart & Steve Olsen

Available for 239.00 SEK at BUDOSHOP.SE

On this DVD – Duncan Stewart & Steve Olsen

This two hour DVD is packed with good demonstrations and instructions from Duncan Stewart and Steve Olsen. Both Duncan and Steve has lived in Japan for many years, so what they taught was very much the feeling from Japan trainings with Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan.

Steve taught Taijutsu to the Shidoshi class and to the class with the whole big group. The Mudansha and Yudansha class is available only as download video (click here!).

Duncan taught drills how to learn the correct distance to the opponent, and Taijutsu techniques with or without small concealed weapons. To the whole big group he taught and demonstrated Taijutsu with devastating efficiency. Unfortunately there was no footage of his Mudansha and Yudansha class.

On This video – Steve Olsen

20 minutes, 243 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 20 minute where Steve Olsen taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5′th dan). He taught a little sword cutting technique but mostly Taijutsu.

On This video – Rob Renner

32 minutes, 388 Mb for $6.99
Only available as download

This video is 32 minute where Rob Renner taught the Mudansha and Yudansha class (ranks below 5′th dan). He taught footwork, distance, taijutsu and unarmed training drills that will make you understand the basics better.

Tai Kai 2011 was a big success!

Picture by Perry Elstgeest (thanks!)
Right click on the image to download the high resolution image.

Thanks to everyone who made this great Tai Kai such a big success! Thanks to the instructors for being on top and such great guys! Thanks to the staff, some worked more than others (we know who you are, special thanks to you guys!). And also big thanks to everyone who attended, especially to you guys from abroad and outside Stockholm who traveled and spent extra money and effort to attend this Tai Kai. Because it was such a big success we decided to do it again, but this time in Linköping and organized by Anne Liljedahl with support from Svenska Bujinkanförbundet. We already set the date, it is October 6-7’th 2012, so book the date now!


What did you think about the Tai Kai?

We would like to hear what you thought about the Tai Kai this year, please add your comments and thoughts below!


Tai Kai DVD

The Kaigozan BUDOSHOP was there and filmed the Tai Kai and got 5.5 hours that will be edited down to two DVD’s that will be available for purchase at their web shop in late September or early in October.


Pictures from the Tai Kai

We (the staff) took many pictures and will upload them to different photo albums soon. If you took pictures and have them on-line in photo albums, please let us know the link in the comment field below. You could also send them to me and I will add it to our photo album.

This page will be updated often the following weeks (with links to pictures, video clips, comments etc). Check back often!

Sign up form is closed, but you are still welcome to attend.

The sign up form is closed now, we need time to sort and prepare. But… You can still come to the Tai Kai and sign up & pay (no extra charge!) at the door, there is no too late date. Yes we have places, just come!

147 people from 15 countries.
We have support from 19 of the 24 Swedish Bujinkanförbundet dojo’s.

I’m on my way to Arlanda to pick up Duncan and Steve soon, tomorrow I’ll pick up Sveneric and Rob on Friday. So everyone is coming. I will be pretty busy from now on and i won’t have time to update this blog any more. Follow us on twitter @taikai2011, use the hashtag #tks2011 or mention @taikai2011 if you tweet about the Tai Kai.

See you all soon, and Happy traveling!


Last Tai Kai newsletter and reminder.

The last Kaigousru Taikai 2007. We will use the same dojo with tatami mats

Hello, here is the last newsletter for the Swedish Taikai. If you feel I forgot something, please respond immediately so I can get that out in time!

Right now we have 143 people from 15 countries signed up. We have room for many more, so please try to make it. Don’t worry about signing up, you can do that when you come! If you don’t come we will miss you!

Payment: From now on please pay cash when you come to the Tai Kai. Note we only accept Swedish currency, and cash (no credit card!).

Friday extra training: The training is at Bujinkan Bushin Dojo (Svea Kampsportcenter) on Sveavägen 130 in Stockholm. We will start around 15:00 and finish around 20:00. This training is free for everyone attending the Taikai. If you come late, please don’t disturb the class, wait for the first short break or until the instructor invite you to the mat.

Saturday Tai Kai: We will open up the registration soon after 09:00 when we are ready. Meantime you can change downstairs. Please do not come the last minute if you can avoid it, we want to start on time.

Sleeping in the dojo is free for all participants. If you come on Thursday already, come to either To Nan Dojo or Kaigozan Dojo after 18:00 when it is open for training until 21:00. If you come later, someone probably already got the key and can let you in (use the door bell!). If you can’t get in, then please call (phone numbers is not posted on the web). If you come on Friday or Saturday, please come to the training and get advice from there. The central station have lockers you can use meanwhile. Also please clean up after yourself in the dojo, including dishes, taking care of the trash etc. This is why it is free sleeping in the dojo.

Saturday dinner and party.Unfortunately we was not allowed to use the training place for even dinner (like we did a few years back), our dojo is too small for serving food to 100-150 people. So it would be best if you all took care of eating on your own in smaller groups, and then join everyone else at the Kaigozan Dojo Pub Evening from 19:00 until 24:00. We will make a list of restaurants in the area.

When you are outside any of our dojo’s please do not disturb our neighbors with loud noises, when you see someone from our group do that please tell them to calm down.We have a good reputation among our neighbors and like to keep it that way.

Training schedule. As you see it is very short lunch break on Sunday, so bring something with you to eat.

If it is your first time in Stockholm, please see the official tourist information page here! You can find everything from transportations, hotels, things to do and much more. 

Please study and print out the map!


This Tai Kai is sponsored and possible only by the Svenska Bujinkanförbundet. Without them we could not keep this very low seminar price and such excellent instructors. 

Head organizer for this years Tai Kai is Mats Hjelm from the Kaigozan Dojo, with the help from Kaigozan Dojo members and other Bujinkan members.

If I forgot to bring something up here, please don’t hesitate to post a comment here (or e-mail me)!


Happy Training!


Värdet av att gå på läger som “nybörjare”.

Ibland får jag frågor från nybörjare som undrar om det är värt att gå på läger, kommer man att kunna hänga med? Kommer jag att förstå någonting? Jag kan förstå att det tyckas vara lite skrämmande att gå på träningsläger för första gången när det är så många högt graderade som också tränar.

Men jag måste poängtera att även de som är högre graderade är “nybörjare” när man går på träningsläger! Det finns kanske de som tar på sig en hjälpinstruktörsroll, befogat eller obefogat. Men de flesta går på träningsläger för att utvecklas, träna, ha kul och få inspiration.

Vad man kan ta åt sig är givetvis olika beroende på tidigare erfarenheter. Har man tränat en kortare period så kommer man att få med sig väldigt mycket i bagaget som räcker till flera års inspiration.

Jag vet att det finns instruktörer som sällan eller nästan aldrig går på träningsläger, det kan finnas flera anledningar till det (jag vill inte döma ut dom). Om instruktören inte uppmuntrar sina elever att gå på träningsläger så kan det också bero på någonting. Han kanske inte vet om lägret, kanske inte själv kan gå och är rädd att balansen i dojon rubbas om eleverna lär sig något nytt.

Vad jag vill säga är att det är du som är nybörjare som är framtiden! Det är du själv som måste se till ditt eget bästa, bry dig inte om att dina icke tränande kompisar vill ta med dig på fest just denna helg. Om du har bra kompisar så förstår dom att just denna helg ska du träna. Du måste själv bestämma dig för vad som är viktigt, varken din kontrollerande instruktör eller tjatande kompisar får hindra dig att träna om det verkligen är det du vill.

De instruktörer du ser upp till har kommit till denna nivå och färdighet genom att just själva välja att deras egen träning går före kontrollerande instruktörer, flickvänner, pojkvänner och kompisar. Dom var också nybörjare en gång och lärde sig att sätta prioriteringar. Frågar du dom så kan jag nästan lova att dom ser sig fortfarande som nyfikna nybörjare. Det är därför dom är duktiga utövare och ingenting annat.

Jag kom ihåg en diskussion för en tio år sedan med Soke i Honbu dojo. Soke pratade om olika nivåer, dimensioner och dylikt i Mikkyo. Någon frågade vad den högsta nivån var, jag kommer ihåg Sokes reaktion. Han sade att han inte visste, men att han var ganska säker på att det alltid finns en högre nivå (än den man befinner sig på) och att det är därför vi måste fortsätta träna.

Det är detta som jag tycker gör Bujinkan så underbart jämfört med många andra budoarter, det är bara att kasta sig in i träningen försöka ha så kul som möjligt under tiden, utan att bry sig om att det är svårt eller enkelt.

Jag hoppas detta har uppmuntrat några nybörjare att ta steget och komma på detta fantastiska träningsläger nästa helg.

Ganbatte kudasai!