It’s over!

Tai Kai Sweden 2012 is over, and I’ve had a few days to cool my brain down. It was quite a lot of work, and between Anne’s cold and my busted knee, we couldn’t participate in training all that much. It did give us time to circle around and get a feel for the whole event, and it would seem that the consensus is that Tai Kai Sweden 2012 was a smashing success!

We are working on the DVD as fast as we can, and I’m just about ready with the pictures I took. I shot 750 frames during the two days so it has taken some time to go through them and decide which to keep and which not to. They will be up in a day or three!

Once again a huge thank you to the instructors and all our participants, and I hope we will meet again at a future Tai Kai!

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1st dan instructor at the Linköping Bujinkan Dojo in Linköping, Sweden